Many systems out there can leave you struggling to figure out where to start and where to go next to get all of your information captured. It’s another challenge trying to get that information back out again in a quick meaningful manner. With today’s complex and massive information requirements, you need to be able to get in and out of each patient transaction as quick and easy as possible. Using our Visit Control patient tracking method, adding, finding and retrieving Patient information is a snap. Using multiple search options, the user simply highlights a Patient’s account and with a couple of clicks they can see everything that’s happened pertaining to that patient in chronological order beginning with the most recent visit. Then it’s just a couple more clicks, or screen touches* to drill down and review or add to all the details pertaining to each visit. Without compromising features, our approach to design appearance is that “less is more”. Our screens have less clutter, making them more visually intuitive and easy to navigate. Menus and data fields are laid out in a clean logical fashion. All this adds up to a higher ratio of implementation resulting in more productivity and better return on investment.

Built on the latest Microsoft .Net and SQL platforms and tools, Alliance is truly a feature rich, yet easy to use Practice Management System. We have built on all the success of the original software, incorporating many new features as well as the enhancements inherent to a Windows environment. It’s all there with a click if the mouse, or at the touch of your finger!
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