Optometric practice management system that is truly easy to use
by William R. Hallmark, O.D., FAAO

The scheduler is intuitive, versatile and allows for multiple providers. It also allows multiple patients to be slotted in a single time frame for a single provider. Filing insurance claims is efficient through the use of Alliance’s electronic clearing house. The function is transparent; we invoice in Alliance, fill out the Form 1500 in Alliance and click submit. The detailed accounts receivable reporting and management functions alone are worth the price of the software.

Alliance software has powerful business reports including integrated Charts and Graphs to assist the practitioner in analyzing practice business results. Key sales data such as overall frame profits, sales by frames brand/type can be obtained even after discounts and write-offs are factored in. Additional key business factors such as patient demographics and patient age groups can be tracked and charted.

In addition to the built-in Time Card function, (with great detailed and summary reports) one of my favorite Alliance features is the customizable commission. In my practice, I pay salary with commissions on specific inventory categories. I also exclude commissions on sales with certain third party payers. Alliance has a ‘tiered’ function that allows a practitioner to commission a lower percentage on a lower net sale of commissionable items and graduate up to a higher percentage for a higher net sale.

The Alliance inventory management function integrates barcode technology so that inventory retail items can be tagged with a label including a barcode, inventory number, description, price, etc. Inventories are accomplished using a wireless Wasp barcode reader. Inventory data is transmitted to an office PC and managed with Alliance functions; item physical count, item system levels, and the monitoring of inventory shrinkage.

The owner and architect of Alliance is continually updating and improving program functions and is always receptive and quick to respond to end-user recommendations for Alliance improvements. Improvements and changes are automatically made to my software.

Built on the latest Microsoft .Net and SQL platforms and tools, Alliance is truly a feature rich yet easy to use Practice Management System. We have built on all the success of the original software, incorporating many new features as well as the enhancements inherent to a Windows environment.
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